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International Church provides a channel to spread the Gospel not just within the United Kingdom, but also to several nations of our world. Through the preaching, teaching and the ministry of prayer, we continue to minister to people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.​We are constantly involved in outreach to the needy, the homeless, widows and orphans within our immediate communities and missionally to the less privileged in other nations. ​We believe in the biblical principles of giving and receiving as the scriptures says, "But the righteous [willingly] gives and does not withhold [what he has]." Proverbs 21:26, Amplified.​


You can support us financially through your giving. You can give a one-off gift or set up a standing order for regular giving. 


UK Account Name: Kingdom Life International Church

Lloyds Bank 

Acct: 78920960

S/C: 30-96-26

For further enquiries please call the church office on +44 (0) 1772 464 353 or email us at We continue to pray for everyone supporting us in many ways such as volunteering to serve with us and praying for us. We pray that God’s abiding presence and abundant blessings will continue to overflow in your life and your family. Amen​

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